The Self-Compassion Protocol

This book is for the caregiver who is searching for guidance and answers on how to regain their compassion and life.

"In The Self-Compassion Protocol, author Christine DeGrazia, RN provides a comprehensive and practical approach to understanding burnout experienced by those who care for others. With her years of experience in the field of medicine and nursing, DeGrazia breaks down how burnout can be caused by a combination of physical and psychological fatigue, as well as lack of self-care and understanding. The book focuses on numerous techniques for addressing each aspect of caregiver burnout such as practicing self-compassion, managing one's energy levels, setting boundaries and finding creative solutions. Overall, this is an essential read for those in the caregiving profession who are looking to gain greater insight into this common yet dangerous condition.

DeGrazia creates an engaging and accessible read that speaks to readers in a conversational tone. She offers practical advice based on her self experienced Compassion Depletion, presented in an easy-to-understand way. DeGrazia never slips into a pedantic style or uses language that feels abstract and distant. Instead, she speaks directly to her reader - like a colleague offering help and insight - and delivers knowledge that can be applied practically in any caregiving profession."

DR. K, M.D.

A story TOLD BY...

...a real nurse and how I went from complete and total burnout in my career and life to a life filled with happiness, balancing my career, family and relationships. I asked the tough questions, set boundaries and regained control of my life on my terms.

A Look Inside

The Self-Compassion Protocol

Compassion Depletion Quiz

Gain insight into the hidden impact of "compassion depletion" by downloading the complimentary "Compassion Depletion Quiz." This quiz will help you uncover and understand how you may be subconsciously affected. Take the first step towards self-awareness and discover valuable insights with this free resource.


Who's the book for?

Discover the ultimate guidebook for caregivers seeking guidance and answers. This book offers valuable insights and practical strategies to help caregivers regain their compassion, find balance, and prioritize self-care. Let this compassionate resource be your roadmap to reclaiming your life and navigating the challenges of caregiving.

Mindful living practices

The transformation...

  • Invest the necessary time to explore your true identity and define the life you desire.
  • Establish boundaries that enable you to prioritize your aspirations and attain what you truly seek.
  • Embark on a journey of living your life's purpose, embracing fulfillment and meaning.
Inner Peace Cultivation

Sneak - Peek

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Nothing Left to Give

I can’t, I just can’t do this anymore!

Those words kept running through my mind as my eyes filled with tears. I’d already cried once on my drive to work. Now, as I sat down at the nurse's station to take a report on the eight patients that would be my assignment that day, the thought of having to take care of anyone made me want to cry again.

I didn’t have it in me to take care of anyone. I didn’t have an ounce of compassion left and that thought scared the hell out of me!

I had just come out of working through COVID. Anyone remotely connected to the ugly face of the virus knows the huge amount of stress it created. Watching how your patients, people you know and love, could be fine one day and gone within two weeks in some cases, had become unbearable. No matter what I did, or how good of a nurse or caregiver I was, I couldn’t stop it. We felt powerless, drained, and depleted. What was even more frightening was that I started to not care.

What was happening to me? Where had my compassion gone? Why couldn’t I gather up enough to just get through this shift? I felt detached, overwhelmed, and numb to the fact that I had eight patients that needed my care and I had nothing left to give. I was doing bedside nursing in one of the best hospitals in my area and I couldn’t muster up enough compassion to take the floor. 

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