Permisson Granted

In this book I share the process it took for me to make the hardest decision of my life: whether to stay in my marriage or leave. As women, we often struggle with decision-making because we want to make sure we “do the right thing.”

But more often than not, doing the right thing is right for everyone else but us. If you struggle with the fear of regret, never-ending guilt, and all the other emotions that come with approval seeking, this book will show you how to make choices that are best for YOU and the people you love the most.

Are You Feeling Stuck in Life Quiz!

Welcome to the “Are You Feeling Stuck in Life Quiz!”

Life is an incredible journey, and at times and especially as we age, it’s easy to lose our passion and purpose leaving us feeling unsure of what comes next. This quiz is designed to help you determine if “stuck” is what you’re feeling.